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ACC Roundup

As UNC's struggles continue, partisans despair. Art
Chansky has declared them a bubble team
- which may be exactly right. Yet
they aren't that far away in some ways. Consider: they have a center capable of
dominance. They have an excellent point guard. Capel and Fote are both
solid (actually, Forte was sensational), as we saw last night. And Lang would be one of the best big men in
the conference if he were fully healthy. Just out of curiosity, what
would happen if they brought Lang off the bench and put Owens back in the
starting lineup? His confidence last night was pretty low - he only played 9
mnutes and took only 2 shots. Just an idea.

the N&O on the game
, and here's
Winston's take.
And let's not miss Gregg
And of course Fayetteville.
The Baltimore Sun says
UVa "stuns" UNC,
but it's not stunning anymore.
Here's Doug Doughty on UVa's big win
, and here's
the Richmond paper
, and to add insult to injury,
they call UNC a "fallling power."

Of course there is pressure on UNC. But
it's different than it is at a small school like Wake
. You can't hide
there; it's impossible. Looks like Dave Odom is
thinking about mixing things up.
is a lot of pressure at Maryland, though, too,
where the Terps are 0-3 and
not very happy. Tech
and FSU are about to rumble also,
and that could be a really interesting