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Heels Lose Again!

'My name is Ozymandius, King of Kings,
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!'

The season at UNC is now somewhat reminiscent  of Duke's 95 season, down
to each team having a Capel.  Tonight's game at UVa reinforced this deja
. You may remember that one of the most painful losses for Duke that year was
when UVa came back from about 25 down to win the game. It wasn't like that in
this game - it was nip and tuck and UNC did  more coming back than UVa, at
least at the end - but regardless, UNC lost to UVa, and it probably hurts about
as bad as Duke's loss did back then.

UNC has now lost three straight - to Wake Forest, UCLA, and Virginia - fine
teams, but not like losing to UConn, Michigan State, and Stanford.

UNC's season since Cincinnati:


  • Tennessee Tech, 85-59
  • Miami, 78-68
  • Howard, 86-53
  • Clemson, 65-45
  • NC State, 83-75


  • Cincinnati, 68-77
  • Indiana, 73-82
  • Louisville, 80-97
  • Wake Forest57-66
  • UCLA, 68-71
  • Virginia, 85-87


There were some interesting things in the box score. For one, despite a
tremendous size advantage, UNC only blocked one shot. UVa's quickness showed up
in the turnovers, as UNC threw it away 21 times to UVa's 7.  Forte hit for
27, and Haywood got 20 against the much shorter Hoos, but otherwise only Capel
broke into double figures.

The interesting (and instructive) thing to watch now is the reaction of the
UNC fans.  There are some very good, very loyal fans who we respect a great
deal. Those who are threatening to cut off their donations to the athletic
department, and who are demanding that Guthridge be fired immediately (leaving,
we presume, Phil Ford in charge?), can probably get John Calipari in on short
notice (he'd probably crawl for this job), but his graduation rate at UMass was

Worth mentioning: as they continue to pile on to Guthridge and call him names
trying to force him to quite, what are the other members of the family going to
think? Remember, Bill Guthridge is a long time friend of Dean Smith's, but he's
also been close to Roy Williams,  Fogler, Doherty, Karl, and all the
rest.  Think they'd enjoy taking his job if he gets run out of town on a