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General Rundown, Boone Update, & More Guru Wars

Here's a rundown by Thad
"The Mummy" Mumau on ACC recruits
and how they're regarded.
Some fairly in depth comments. Here also is Al Seibert from Insider's
Report on
Adam Boone's progress.

Speaking of recruiting, Clark Francis launched the latest salvo in what we're
tempted to call the Guru Wars, or maybe the Guru Jihad? Anyway, his attack is on
Mike Sullivan. He says some pretty nasty stuff, calling Sullivan a fraud among
other things. As part of his evidence, he sites his "question of the
day," where he says 59% of the people who voted "either thought he didn't exist or weren't sure."

One of the reasons why we skew polls is to show the general inanity of web
polls. Who's the best point guard above 6,000 feet? Who cares! Using your own
poll as evidence to support your own article, when the point of the poll is to
ridicule the subject of your argument - that's not just juvenile, it's an
unbelievable con. We could put up a poll today and ask does Clark Francis most
closely resemble a) a rubber ducky, b) St. Teresa, c) Al Sharpton in drag.
It's one thing to make the joke, it's another to take it seriously.

He goes on to accuse Steve Beck of Fast Break of blackballing him at Rivalnet
- apparently he would like to have been approached. Well first of
all it is possible to have a web site which hasn't been assimilated by Rivalnet,
and secondly, being assimilated by Rivalnet isn't necessarily the best thing for
your site anyway. And as far as it goes, why doesn't Francis get off his
own butt and clean up his site? He could start by using paragraphs.. Then
he could try a white background, which came in about 5 years ago, and he could
also make his font a little easier to read. He could even use a table to narrow
his text.

If you're read here a while, you know we've long thought Francis was
ridiculous, starting with his ranking Duke's class with Brand/Avery/Battier
behind Iowa State's 10 or 11 man class, none of whom can be named now, since
they've had almost no impact. It was a mathematical formula, based on the
size of the class, and it was idiotic and we said so at the time and that has
certainly stood the test of time. Come on, you only get 13 scholarships.
No one signs a double figure class unless he screwed up or ran everyone
off. It's a sign of weakness, not of strength.

Then his notorious suggestion that Tamir
Goodman was faking an injury at summer camp!
Turned out he had a strained
MCL, according to Harold Katz, who coached him up until this year, and who told
us he went to the doctor with Tamir.
Nice attack on a 17 year old.

At least this time he went after someone his own age. We asked Sullivan
what he thought, and here are his comments.

I am constantly amazed by the egos in this business. There is not one person
in this business who should have an ego. This is basketball recruiting. We are
not solving cancer. These guys in the business actually think they are
contributing something to society by going out there and evaluating players and
then pinning numbers on them. The guys in this business actually think
they have some special skill that fans and coaches should stroke their egos. And
they expect people like myself to bow down and praise them because some coaches
kiss their behinds. Well the same coaches that kiss their behinds are the same
ones that snicker at them behind their backs. I will continue to run my site
free of attacks. My site became successful because of the amount of information
we provide. We won't run our site stats through attacks.