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ACC Power Rankings

The RPI article is starting up. The N&R says the
ACC is in at 6th place
currently,which is awful. But ACC Today reports
ACC is #1 in the Power Conference Ratings.
Our argument is pretty
simple. With UVa, State, UNC, FSU, and Clemson all in states of coaching
transition, it's not a suprise that there's a perception that the ACC is
down. UNC won't be down forever, regardless of whether Gut stays or goes
or is burned in effigy. There's a lot of talent on the way. Gillen
has UVa improving rapidly, and Sendek is getting State healthy quickly now after
several years of building - and also with a lot of talent on the way. FSU
and Clemson are open questions, but they usually are. However, Steve
Robinson is universally regarded as a fine tactician. It's unusual to have this
much turnover simultaneously, much less to have a 36 year career come to an
end. But ask yourself this - if State and UVa finish the season strong,
and Maryland, UNC and Wake start playing up to their talent levels, that's six
solid teams. In a year or two several of these schools will have rebuilt
and the ACC won't be hearing such questions. State and Virginia are
already a thousand times better off than they were a few years ago and, for our
money, so is FSU.