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Some Afternoon ACC Reading

Here's a nice column on
Ed Cota's time at UNC.
We didn't know he was born in LA; to us, Ed is
always New Yawk.

Barry Jacob is intrigued by Will Solomon's explosion, obscure though it is,
and has a chart of great
scoring performances in the ACC s
ince the three point lines were painted.

Finally, here are some more reactions to the problems UNC is having,
including an
article about turnovers
, a general
accounting from Inside Carolina,
another by
Zeke Martins
, who has gone on record repeatedly with his frustrations with
this team,
and finally Thad Williamson,
who for our money has the right attitude. If UNC
can't use fans like this, send him our way.

Finally, here are some posts which are, to say the least not happy.  It
won't be long untils someone with a keen sense of irony hangs Bill Guthridge in