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An Interesting Gamecock Hoolabaloo!

an interesting story out of South Carolina with a Duke-UNC
The Student Gamecock Club, which gets
good seats in a block for a certain amount of cash,
apparently chanted "alcoholic" at Kentucky
assistant (and former USC head coach) George Felton.

Former UNC assistant Eddie Fogler, well schooled in the
ways of Dean, said this, according to The State: "I thought there was a very, very inappropriate comment coming out of the area on the right side of the
basket. I didn't appreciate it. I went over there and told somebody if I heard him say it again I was going to have his personal body removed from the arena."

Uh...personal body as opposed to..what? Impersonal? The
ramifications of that are kind of unsettling, frankly.

Former Duke football coach Mike McGee, now AD at South
Carolina, called Kentucky to apologize.

And Student Gamecock Club Member Rick Johnston said this:

"I'm just trying to make sure the visiting team has an unpleasant
stay. That's the whole point of having a homecourt advantage.
Nobody seems to mind if Duke fans get rowdy. Why are they
restricting our cheering when no (other teams) are?"

Incidentally, Eddie Fogler supports moving the regionals
out of South Carolina over the Confederate flag flap.
It's an interesting political conundrum for Fogler - from a
recruiting standpoint he almost has to go along with the
boycott. But we would expect that a lot of USC's large
donors support it. We don't mean to imply by that that
Fogler is insincere about his stand. We're sure he's not. But
nothing is simple in South Carolina, with the possible
exception of the legislative body.