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Wuffpack Woofin'!

Anthony Grundy, who bears a resemblance to Dennis Rodman, is now beginning to
talk somewhat like him.  Monday he said "Duke is not a dominant team, and they're beatable."
Tuesday he said "We feel we're the top defensive team in the league and I think that
shows a lot. That's something we want to engrave in stone."

We'll see what he says Wednesday before the game, and if he can back it up
and win, then more power to him. 

Here's one more link about
this year's team and the young players.
We might have linked to it
previously. Sometimes stories fly around so fast now it's hard to keep track.

Our expectation, though, is that Chris Carrawell is hearing this, and he's
talking to Shane and Nate and the other guys, and they've taken it all in and
will probably respond with passion and intensity.

The Crazies likely will, too. This is the biggest ACC game since Battier's
freshman year, at least, and possibly since Carrawell's. You guys are needed! Let's make this one special.