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startemUp Starts Up

We wanted to bring to your attention a new website and company which four Duke undergraduates have launched today. Their concept is to be an Internet "incubator," offering a way for other Duke students to take their on-line business ideas to venture capital sources and business advisors for development. We know the students behind it, and they bring a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and Internet savvy to the table.

Beginning today, startemUp is initiating a "Dough for Your" contest whereby Duke student/entrepreneurs can win a package of services valued at $20,000. These services include web design, legal assistance, marketing help, and business consultations from a Board of Advisors. startemUp, in turn, receives an equity interest in the emerging companies it supports. Their goal is eventually to go beyond Duke and offer their program to undergraduates at a number of other schools.

They also have really cool t-shirts. :)