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DBR Haywood Watch!

DBR Haywood Watch
Player Height Rebs Opp
Haywood, UNC 7-0 6 UCLA
Lang, UNC 6-11 7 UCLA
Moiso, UCLA 6-11 11 UNC
Gadzuric, UCLA 6-11 11 UNC
Boozer, Duke 6-10 6 FSU
Songaila, Wake 6-9 8 NCSU
Battier, Duke 6-9 8 FSU
Thornton, NCSU 6-7 9 WAKE
Carrawell, Duke 6-6 10 FSU
Peppers, UNC 6-6 6 UCLA

Big Brendan had a poor showing against UCLA, but probably not poor enough to get
booed by his own fans. That's really too bad. He did get
effectively defended by Moiso and Gadzuric, and they really cut down on passes
to the post, but the counter-argument, advanced by Gadzuric himself, among
others, is that Haywood didn't overexert himself:

"He's big and strong and works
hard," he said, according to Art Chansky, "but if he worked tremendously hard and knew how to use his body for position, he'd probably get more rebounds and they'd be able to get him the ball more."

The UCLA players, led by Rico Hines, clearly have not respect for the UNC
tradition and took great delight in pointing out how weak they thought UNC

Also, here's another letter from a reader who went to the Dean Dome Saturday
and came away...well, you read it.

I also went to the Carolina game on Saturday. I set up in the nose bleed
section, but
believe it or not it was very crowded (Until a little less than a minute to
go). I took one of my friends from Maryland who goes to school there.

Never, had I heard so much cussing towards a home team in my life. I mean
every fan was screaming at Haywood, Forte, or Guthridge. They started
leaving with 2 minutes to go, it was the most ridiculous thing I have ever
seen. I mean how can you win a game at home when your home court advantage
leaves with time to go on the clock. (I kind of enjoyed it, but I couldn't
believe my ears)

I had this man behind me who was like some farmer or
something and he was like "we need a new coach....get Forte out of there put
someone else in". Excuse me, but I think Forte is a great player, maybe
young but he's leading them in scoring.

I don't know but my friend from
Maryland had never heard anything like it.