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More on the UCLA-UNC game: first
from the L.A. Times
, the West Coast version of how the spit hit the fan in
Chapel Hill. Adam Lucas has
an article up about UNC and zone defense
, and Art Chansky has gone so far
off the reservation as to ask whether this team is uncoachable
or simply uncoached.
Bizarre times.

We also got this letter from a Duke grad who is in grad school in Chapel Hill
and who went to the game. We had heard a similar account previously but this is
the first first-hand telling we know of.

Hi. you guys might remember me- I'm a recent duke alum (t '98) and avid
blue devil fan who happens to be a graduate student at unc these days.I
sent you a game report on the unc/msu game back in december. Anyway, I'm
still holding to my claim of giving away all of my tickets except to the
games that I think unc might lose (so far, that's been MSU, NCSU and UCLA).
Yesterday's UCLA game was a keeper.

Anyway, what I wanted to let you guys know about is this- I'm not sure if it
came off on TV or not and I KNOW it will not be written about in any of the UNC-biased local media outlets, but over the last 10 minutes of the game
every time Haywood would check into the game the entire student section
would collectively "boo." I kid you not. it was kinda loud the first time
that it happened and the subsequent 2 times he checked back into the game as
time wound down more people picked up on it and it was very loud the last 2

This is not a mistake and I definitely did not confuse this with any
odd sort of cheer- it was definite booing. a fellow duke alum (and dbr
reader) was with me down in the unc student section and can substantiate

Anyway, it appears that the natives are getting rather restless and
willing to take on their own. One student not too far behind me screamed
out at one point "Haywood, you f***ing suck. you're the MVP of the
wow. Figured you would find interest in this and I doubt many others were at the
game for the same reason that I was.