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The ACC - Down Or Not, It's Pretty Entertaining

The ACC is just endlessly weird. You can have a major surprise, like UNC's
losing to UCLA,
and then a few hours later have that trumped by Georgia
Tech's upset of Maryland.

So Duke gets their chance for an upset Sunday afternoon. If they survive,
they're in great shape - State and Wake will play to share second place.
Then Duke will play State on Wednesday. If Duke wins both, they'll be 5-0 in the
conference. If they beat FSU on the road, they only have 5 road games left and 7
at home.

And if they win both of those, they go to Wake Forest to push more distance
between first place and everyone else. Wake and State would both have two
losses, FSU would have one with thin talent.

But being the ACC, chances are pretty good things won't work out that way, so
throw the scenarios out: tomorrow is FSU in Tally, and as far as Duke's
concerned, that's the end all and be-all, or at least we hope it is. FSU has
shown the capacity to surprise this season, with a more-impressive upset of
Vandy, who upset Florida, Tennessee, and LSU this week - all Top 25. Now that's
a heck of a week!

"On the flight over, "I was like, ' Man, we're going to beat these