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ACC Roundup

Here's an article on Steve
"grease it back" Lavin,
and his ups and down at UCLA. Rico Hines,
who we said was a career reserve, has put an end to that, moving
into the starting lineup
just in time for his trip home. Speaking of Rico,
he has revealed the real reason Lavin canceled the Duke series - and become our
favorite Bruin in the process: "My freshman year, we played at Duke, but (Lavin) wanted to get a good game in where we had a better chance of
winning."  He has been telling his teammates
just what ACC basketball is like.

 Dan Gadzuric is a guy who someday should be a good player, and has been
from time to time - but so
far he's kind of erratic.

State is going to honor Lou Pucillo and John Richter at halftime of the Wake
game. Most people who read this won't remember those guys, but they had great
careers at State.

Rafael Vidauretta has had a problem with his throat (he got hit with an elbow
and injured his vocal cords), but Dave Odom
is thrilled with his defense.
  He's a huge fan of the man the Wake fans
call El Toro.  Maybe Duke fans could call him lawnmower man, but he
wouldn't get it.

We make fun of Clemson from time to time, but it's our ACC birthright to do
so. Well here at DBR we also try to give credit where credit is due, and
Clemson's athletes have
raised their cumulative GPA to a record leve
l and it almost matches the
overall GPA for the student body.   That's impressive, and you can't
ask for much more than that. Congratulations to the Tigers!

In Atlanta, there are two
teams desperate for a victory
- the Terps and the Yellow Jackets.  Both
are in the cellar, but of course only one can come out alive. The funny thing is
neither team is truly wretched. They're both reasonably good. But someone is
going down. The Terps have
to hit some shots to have a chance.