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Vandy Is Just Dandy

There are some schools Duke fans pull for quietly, hoping
they'll do well because they are somewhat like Duke in that academics are still
taken at least somewhat seriously - schools like Notre Dame, Stanford,
Northwestern, and Vanderbilt.

What a week they've had in Nashville. Vandy has
knocked off #8 Florida, # 11 Tennessee, and almost ranked LSU, and LSU was
13-2 coming in.

Somewhat astoundingly, Vanderbilt is on top of the East
division of the SEC, ahead of the aforementioned Florida, Tennessee, and even

Speaking of Kentucky, they are next up, in Nashville, but Vandy has
a week to get ready. Kentucky is one of their two losses. The other? How
about FSU? That's an interesting thought to digest going into tomorrow's
game, because Vandy has shown themselves, at least in our eyes, to be
legitimate. Kevin Stallings, if he keeps it going, has to be a strong candidate
for national Coach Of The Year.

Vandy only got 8 votes in the AP poll, and
just 1 in the USA Today poll. Look for that to change. In our DBR Poll,
however, they got 21 votes.

Speaking of the poll, don't
forget to vote before midnight tomorrow!