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ACC Roundup

Caulton Tudor has some basic suggestions for Bill Guthridge, culminating in
one piece of simple advice - bring
it or stay home.
  A lot of what people are saying about UNC privately
he distills into this article, which makes it a pretty interesting read.

In another piece of UNC news, the Heels will be
hosting next year's NABC Classic.
They'll play the winner of Arizona State/Tulsa. We thought at first it said Arizona, which would have been great. ASU is getting better, but they are still mediocre. UNC will get an increasingly dangerous Winthrop in the other bracket, but their odds of sneaking up after this season will be thin.

We didn't realize that Rafael Vidaurreta's
laryngitis was a result of injury.
Apparently he got an elbow in the throat
and injured a vocal chord nerve.  He should recover, but it may take a
while, and there are no guarantees. Best of luck to him.  Wake has a tough
task this weekend at State - ACC Today points out that teams almost
always lose the next game
after they beat Duke or UNC.  If State wins,
and Duke wins at FSU, that makes the Duke-State game in Cameron next week a
monster, because State will come in with one loss and will be gunning for a
share of first place.

Two of the more interesting stories in the ACC this season are Julius
Peppers and Calvin McCall of Maryland,
footballers who are having
significant impacts on their respective basketball teams. It's worth reminding
people that this may happen next season at Duke as Reggie Love plans to play
both football and basketball, and is a very good basketball player, and Jeremy
Battier, at 6-6 and with receiver speed,  may also try out.  This
would also add super depth at wing, and for all we know, Coach K may be planning
around Love at least, as he is a legitimate ACC level basketball  player.

Here's an article
in support of Bobby Cremins,
and we say bully for Rob Daniels! Bobby is one
of the good guys in the ACC, and he's the guy who made basketball at Tech
respectable. We hope he gets to get them back to where they should
be.   Unfortunately,
it may be tough.

might be back in Cole Field House for one last game! 
Greg Manning, who
is now AD at Georgia State, said Lefty would love to, and Gary Williams says
it's ok by him.  Let's rumble!