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A Bill Lee Update!

We've gotten some pretty cool responses to our endorsement of Duke Fan Bill Lee,
who is running for Governor of Delaware. They are listed below. We'd also
like to humbly offer our own, tried and true slogan - Demonically Possessed
And Proud Of It - Bill Lee for Governor!

Hey, we're all about inclusive here. Well, mostly. Our other finalist was
this: How Many Tar Heels Do You See In This State? Lee For Governor!

Anyway, the campaign is listening carefully, so this is your chance to
influence an election without big bucks. Campaign finance reform? We don't need
no stinkin' campaign finance reform!

From the Lee campaign (see, told you they were listening) we got this very nice response, though we won't reprint
the gentleman's name unless he wants us to. It was nice to hear from the
campaign. We hope soon to hear from The Man himself! Remember, you can still send us your suggestion


I thank you for your endorsement of Bill for governor of Delaware and your
search for winning slogans! Today the Wilmington News Journal Political
Editor all but endorsed Bill for Governor - I am sure this is a direct
result of reading your site (he knows Bill is a huge Duke fan). Below is the
link to the article:

DBS has these offerings

  • "He went to the same school as Mike Brey"
  • . "He has normal hair."
  • . "Blue Hen, Blue Devil, same difference."

Mike Prentis offers the following

Hi Julio & Boswell!

Since, for a change, I have some actual expertise (small though it might be)
in an area being discussed here. I felt obligated to chime in on this
important subject. Some suggestions, most of which really suck:

  • A Devil of a Candidate!
  • He'll Make a Devil of a Governor!
  • A Blue Devil for the Blue Hens (speaking of which, has Mike Brey
    endorsed< him?)
  • Delaware Needs a Winner, Not Ruth Ann Minner!

Not too creative today-usually I can knock these suckers out a dozen at a
time. Tell him that his allies in Wisconsin (well, at least me) say give
'em hell!



Chuck Bartlett with an appropriately left field question

Q. Just curious, is this Bill "The Spaceman" Lee, the former Red Sox

A. No.