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Sweet, Swain, & Bryant Updates!

Thad "The Mummy" Mumau has a recruiting update focusing on new
Duke target Andre Sweet
and Tech target Arthur Barclay.

He says Sweet's coach expects Duke to offer but no word on what Sweet thinks
of that.

Now check this tidbit out - Tech has no scholarships, but the staff
apparently told the coach that they expect Alvin Jones to leave early.
Good. We can't wait to see him try a cheap shot on Shaquille or the Mailman.
We're only sorry Barkley won't be around to impress the importance of good
manners on Young Alvin.

According to Mike Sullivan, Travon
Bryant is looking more and more like he's Kansas bound
, and according to
Quotin' Bob's sidekick Quotin' Rob Matera, Robert
Swain is expanding his possible schools
but still big on Duke as a