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ACC Roundup

Ok, ACC Roundup kicks off with Lenox
Rawlings on the UNC-Wake game.
There's nothing better than reading
Rawlings after a big game. Here's more
from Winston.
Art Chansky calls
Wake Forest dreadful,
which leads to the logical question - what are you if
you get beat by a dreadful team? Hey, it's his column, go write him. We're just
pointing it out. Here's
the N&O too.
Some of the UNC kids are wondering what the heck happened,
but Forte has as
good a grip as anyone.
Here's Greensboro
on the game.

In Raleigh, the
Pack held off the Cavs
for a big, big win. In 3 games, they have won 2 at
the end, and made a nice comeback against UNC, though too late. Looks like
a different State team from here. Here's
Greensboro on the Pack Attack.
ACC Today is reporting that Chezley
Watson has left the team,
having fallen off the playing chart pretty much,
but Mike Sullivan reported the same news days ago.

John Nogowski has a column about
FSU's victory over Clemson,
and it's stranger than it sounded from up here
in NC. As Robinson says, though
a win is a win.
Clemson got
some bench play,
finally, but not enough. Will
Solomon says Clemson is down
because they "should have won."