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Jacobs & Rawlings On Duke, A Great Williams Article

According to Barry Jacobs, Duke could rip off an ACC
hot streak for the ages
if they go undefeated at home. Easier said than
done? Maybe. We expect Tech to be tougher than anyone thinks tonight.
Jason Collier sure thinks so "We match up pretty well with Duke, with their size and speed,"
he told the Macon Telegraph. . "We need to go in with the confidence that their team last year was better, and we didn't lose anybody."

Lenox Rawlings has an interesting article up about
Duke, UNC, and the rest of the ACC.

Here's a great article on
Jason Williams and his parents and his season thus far.
It's pretty
obvious he comes from a loving family and has been brought up carefully and
thoughtfully. This is a good opportunity also to address some of the
criticisms that have come his way recently. Yes, he's young, yes he is making
mistakes. So did Hurley and so did Amaker. For that matter, so did Kenny
Anderson and Stephon Marbury. Nonetheless, he has shown that he has what
it takes to get it done, not just talent wise, but, to judge by his parents
comments, character wise as well. We need to let him be himself, and most
importantly, allow him to make mistakes without feeling like he's done something
terrible. The kid has brilliant talent, and he's going to be huge. Let's
enjoy the journey.