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Watzone Talks To Duhon!

If we had given him the hat, it would have
been an NCAA violation!


Our pal Watzone got to talk to Chris Duhon at the Glaxo Tournament and
posted these comments on the board. Thanks Mark! Thanks for reading DBR Chris!

I caught Slidell, Salmons talented Chis Duhon at Glaxo's tournament in Raleigh's
famed Reynolds Coliseum. Chris led his team to a third place finish in a talented eight team field, losing only to powerful New York Manhatten Rice. Chris put on a terrific display of overall basketball skills and court savy on his way to being named the tournaments MVP. Duke Coach Krzyzewski and assistant Steve Wojciechowski were in
attendance to watch Jason Williams' future back court mate. The addition of the talented Duhon will allow Dunleavy to move to the
frontline.  Michael has grown to at least 6-8, as I've earlier stated in the pre season pick up games. Chris was kind enough to
give me an  interview, just before being honored with the aforementioned Most Outstanding Player.

-You played a great game tonight..are you happy with your teams performance?

CD- Yes, we started a little slow as Enloe jumped on us early with their height, but we adjusted and never gave up.

-how about your individual performance?

CD- It was not perfect, but not bad. Yes, I am happy overall.

-Who are your all time favorite Duke players?

CD- Trajan Langdon is my favorite! I also like Grant Hill a lot.

-Will you attend Summer School at Duke this year?

CD- Yes, probably for part of it anyway to get acclimated.

-Who is your idol?

CD- Don't laugh--but it is my Mom. She (Vivian Harper) played my same position in high school and was all district...she tells everyone I got my skills from her--and I probably did.

-Who are the best players you have faced in the many tournaments?

CD-Andre Barrett is always a challenge--I think he is the best point guard coming out of high school--also Ed Griffith. (Tommy should be happy as both are attending Seton Hall)

-What are your goals at Duke?

CD- To win a National Championship.

-What Duke Coaches played a role in your recruiting?

CD- Coach Snyder made initial contact, and it was later handed over to Wojo who was also great in the process.-What excited you most about signing with Duke?

CD- Its a dream, I've always been a Duke fan...I had tears in my eyes when I announced.

-What are your
impressions of this years Duke team?

CD- Well, the first two games were tough, but they are young and talented. I think they'll make a big impact and shock the world.

-Who are your favorite Pro sports teams?

CD- I am not a big fan of the pro game, as it is a lot of one on one.

-Rumors persist that you are a four year guy--you don't think the NBA$ lure will effect you?

CD- (paused ever so briefly) No, I do not!

-What do you think of Cameron Indoor Stadium?

CD- (again smiling widely) Aw, man its great...I've told my friends about it, and our team was able to use it for practice which was really nice.

- Do you regularly surf the internet--and if so, what sites do you visit?

CD- The Duke Basketball report and the Update are some I go to often.

- Did the internet play a role in your recruiting?

CD- (his
expression showed concern) Yes, a lot of rumors persisted. I was never a lock for Duke as some said, nor Kentucky as others stated. There was a lot of false information out there. It was mostly the fans, most of the media was pretty good. I did get a lot of calls at all hours--but my Mom buffered them for me.

-If you could write a future scenario at Duke???

CD- Lets come back to that one!

Chris was most gracious--he signed autographs and was adored by fans as we left. I later shook his hand and gave his Mom a hug as he was named the tournaments M.O.P. Coach Wojo was also joyous and talked with Chris after the award.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the "Bulldog" who developed a good
relationship with this outstanding "Duke type" kid from Louisiana. He will be a great addition to our already outstanding young team and should make an impact from day one. Chris also mentioned the Love he felt from the Duke Community and his desire to play with Jason Williams, our very talented freshman leader of this years team. He had nothing but good things to say about everybody
involved in the process. You could see the excitement and honesty in his eyes as he answered each question. Lets Go Devils!