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Art's Explanation Of Go Heels

Art Chansky has a mildly goofy column up about what
is supposed to be and what his role in it is.
Good, because it is confusing

But the column is odd and though it does address some interesting
things, such as the claim that they are the most trafficked school-specific site on the internet and why he's no longer on the radio (apparently he irritated some
key people with his Dean book if we understand him correctly), he fails to
address some of the points where Vilcom has perhaps fallen short (he makes it clear he
isn't involved with, but as an executive with Vilcom he certainly
must have an interest if not a direct role), such as the controversy over canned
crowd noise ("we're in the tingle business" - was that the quote?) and
the publication of e-mail which was supposedly written by Elton Brand (he denied
writing it, but Vilcom published it anyway) in a supposedly private exchange.

That aside, there is a comment about being neither homers nor hatchet
men. For Duke partisans, it's difficult to not remember his tirade against
Coach K, after Makhtar Ndaiye did his little knife through the heart thing at
the ACC Tournament, after beating Duke, as being anything but ridiculous. If
that wasn't a hatchet job we'd love to see what qualifies. If we remember
correctly, his contention was that Coach K had no understanding of African
American ways of celebrating, comments Chansky would soon have reason to regret
as it became clear he had very little insight into Makhtar Ndaiye, who
embarrassed the University severely.

Anyway, it's a weird little column, not a mea culpa, not a defiant,
Sinatresque I-did-it-my-way deal, but an odd little footnote for a guy who at
times has had an interesting career, but who at other times has (in our opinion)
really let down his talent. Worth a read as a curiosity if nothing else.