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A Quick Comment On The Polls

Polls to us are really disinteresting for the most part, though it is nice to
be highly regarded. Duke now is up to #6 in the AP Poll. It's only worth
mentioning because a team losing four first round draft picks (three
prematurely) and still being in the Top 10 is very much worth mentioning. Also
worth mentioning - had Duke held on against Stanford, despite an anemic inside
game at that point in the season, despite Williams and Dunleavy being callow
freshmen, they might very well be undefeated and #1 in the land. Again,
it's meaningless, but it is nice to see that those who were forecasting doom for
Duke have had to satisfy themselves with under-the-breath mutterings and soft
curses that hurt no one.

It's too early to start talking about post-season honors, but what Coach K
has done so far is truly remarkable. The only other coach we can think of who
could have done it is Rick Pitino.