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More From The International Mailbag!

Happy new year guys!!

My name is Daniel Chenowith, I am a 21 year old uni
student and i live on the gold
coast, Queensland,Australia...I am a big Duke fan,i am
only a fairly new one, as i only saw them play for the
first time in 1997.regardless though they are my
favourite sporting team in the world,nothing beats
college sport, I wish we had something similar.

Over the last few years Duke have appeared on cable tv
quite a bit so its been great to follow,im hoping we
get some more games this year.

I have followed your
site for a while,i have loved your development into
the most professional and comprehensive college hoops
site in THE WORLD.

Any chance of the team coming
out to australia in there off season??

I thought it
was funny reading my fellow country men steve talk
about swim star Daniel Kowalski. I work in a book store
on days off from school and weekends and he often
drops in, and ALWAYS has a Duke Basketball hat on. He
is a great advertisment for your team.

i want to
brag more about Kowalski, I don't think Steve's email
did this guy justice. Swimming is the most popular
sport in this country, and although we have bigger
stars on the swim team than Daniel( to give you an
idea of the three most popular athletes in our country
two are swimmers, the other is

Pat Rafter) none are
loved more than him. He is the captain of the national team, and a great role model for all.
He had shoulder
surgery last year and is now not likely to make the Olympics, fingers crossed he does.
i know this has
nothing to do with Duke directly but I think its a
great story.

I want to find out what other Aussies
love Duke, it would be great to come over and see a
game live at Cameron indoor!!!...Okay guys keep up the
great work, DBR is all world!!


Hello to all fellow DBRs!! I am an international reader, and just like
Steve, I am a Canadian from Toronto Ontario Canada!! I love the DBR
and the Duke University Blue Devils!! Although I was not hooked until I saw
the 1997 NCAA Tournament when the Blue Devils were playing against Providence.
Although they lost I knew this team would be my fave and in fact it still is
my fave team.

Although having been to over 50 sites concerning Duke I have to admit the
Duke Basketball Report is my fave, it's updated everyday and despite my busy
schedule I always manage to sneak on!! It's always jam packed with
information and I can always count on it being updated!

Basketball around here is not that big especially College Basketball where if
you say Duke barely anyone would know what it is. Coming from Canada Duke
Fans or even College Basketball Fans are rare but I know I am a true Blue
Devil and I have the Cameron Crazy Spirit to do it!

GO DUKE and Duke will always be Number 1 along with the Duke Basketball

Canadian Duke Fan 4 Life