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Dunleavy Feature!

a great feature on Mike Dunleavy.
A lot of people don't realize this guy has
spent his childhood and adolescence playing pickup against guys like Magic
Johnson, Rasheed Wallace, and Damon Stoudamire.  As he says, what's to
worry about? A game's a game. Sounds like he's ready for the ACC, and since
today is the last tuneup, that's good.

Speaking of today, Winston-Salem has a piece up on today's game, but frankly,
we're getting sick of seeing an article which discusses Duke's and UNC's
upcoming games and spends 75-80% of it on UNC.  It's an annoying pattern,
almost as if they're slapping Duke in the headline and sticking a few paragraphs
on the end to justify it.  Anyway, here
it is.