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ACC Roundup

a flattering article on Gary Williams.
We have been harsh on Williams from
time to time, but there is no way to discount where Maryland was before he got
there and where it is now. He pulled that program out of the trash bin.
Now, getting past the Sweet 16 is a different issue, but what a nice problem to
have compared to overdoses and NCAA probations.

has Howard up next at home.
Founded by and named for the Civil War general
of the same name, Howard is in full retreat at 0-8 and should be a welcome tonic
for UNC. If by any bizarre stretch they lose this game, expect rioting in
the stands.

Being in Hawaii, the Wake-Villanova game is a cycle behind, but
here's the scoop
from Gordon Sakamoto. We've enjoyed reading his columns
during the tournament. Nice work Gordon!