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FITS Flits, Slits Wrists - Football Bits

Forget the long off-season of optimism, one quick loss to Pruneface George and it's dispense the blame time once again in Chapel Hill!

FITS says blaming refs is for losers, but blaming offensive coordinators
is for, winners!

This winged whiner wishes we still had Mack to kick around. And if Mack's on a roll in Texas, Dre "six pounds o' jewelry" Bly must be the
hot dog!

While FITS is a fan of nausea blue, through and through, he maintains plenty of bile for the alma mater's dorky-ass mascot, and the fans, if
one dares call them that, are a front-running sack of twits!

A FITS' bonus question: exactly what do those lard-butted, lead-footed jelly ball linemen do in that umpteen million dollar weight room?Eat doughnuts? Hoo doggies, Clem, them jelly-filled ones is heavy!