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Amaker For Governor!

Quotin' Bob has been a busy bee!  First off, Tommy Amaker continues to
'em in the truck at Seton Hall. The
latest addition, fully expected, is Rashid Dunbar. 
You may remember he
had a near-fatal accident.

In other news, he says Tech is close to signing Marvin Lewis,  UNC might
be close on Cook,  and Michael Joiner might be a 'Nole.  That's a good
fit and a wise decision on his part if he goes there.   More than we
can possibly summarize, so
read on, brothers and sisters, read on.

And now on the main course, a veritable cornucopia of quoted items. Bring on
the braces!


  • "The Rashid Dunbar Of Old"    
  • "feel wanted"
  • "fellow future Pirates" 
  • "playmaker supreme,"
  • "knockdown three-point shooter"
  • "favorites"
  • "Big Apple"
  • "terrific trio"
  • "cause and effect"
  • "cooled"
  • "unofficially"
  • "unofficial"
  • "colossal"
  • "Midnight Madness"
  • "finalist"
  • favorite
  • "the favorites"
  • "the glue"
  • "most wanted
  • "quietly"
  • "Dave Bliss type player"
  • "The Coaches Corner Department"
  • "the three finalists"