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FITS Cooks Up Some Fun

High flying FITS has it on good authority that everything is now copasetic
over in Tar Heel land. Pastel dribbler-to-be Omar Cook has
given Coach Gut the go ahead to schedule practice virtually any time he
wants, as long as it doesn't interfere with Omar's Nintendo commitments.

Speaking of commitments, the easy going Gutster has evidently incurred
the wrath of Omar The Omnipotent for recruiting some players without
getting Omar's explicit permission, and not recruiting others whom Omar
would prefer.

"We're dealing with the problem internally," said the fast dribbling,
faster talking New York point guard. "Coach Gut knows he did something
wrong in not recruiting Darius, and he's sorry for it. I've meted out
the appropriate punishment to Gut, and he assures me it won't happen
again. End of story."