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Gibbons On Goodman


Bob has weighed in on the Tamir Goodman situation
and says, fairly strongly
that yes, the kid can play at Maryland.  He says Tamir and his mom went by
and talked to Gary who expressed concerns, but that the scholarship hadn't been
yanked yet.  Bob says that at the least, he's better than Matt Kovarik, who
played reasonably well at College Park and that he held his own against Tony
Dobbins, who signed with the Hokies.

All Hail Bob!

In a twist, Bob is now departing from mere braces and is interspersing
italicized comments, bolds, and underlines. His free-form manner of using these
techniques to call attention to what he wants to emphasize is truly innovative
and likely marks a new chapter in "the English Language." The
Church of Bob i
s no doubt "following this" very closely.
We, on the other hand, are "praying" that no one shows Bob the
"blink command."


  • "How Good Is Goodman?"
  • "put me on the spot"
  • "how good is Tamir Goodman?" 
  • "The Jewish Jordan."
  • "a scholarship bind"
  • "inconclusive"


  • "a scholarship bind"
  • worldwide attention comes because he is an Orthodox Jewish youngster, who has excelled in basketball while wearing his yarmulke on the court. 
  • does Maryland need the scholarship more than they are willing to face the problems of dealing with all of the crush of media attention, plus, the likely schedule and practice conflicts that inevitably will result from Goodman's religious beliefs, and observance of his Sabbath and other sacred days. 
  • the ending to this story.