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UCLA Gets A Very Early Verbal

UCLA got one in the truck as
Mater Dei's Cedric Bozeman announced for the Bruins.
This is quite
early - the kid is a rising junior!

There have been rumors of a package deal with Tyson Chandler, Jamal Sampson,
and Josh Childress, which would be 80% of a Fab 5 class.

We have mixed feelings about the emerging buddy system - on the one hand it
seems to elevate the AAU system more than we'd like. On the other, it also gives
the players a certain amount of power, which isn't all bad. It's
ridiculous to us that grown men manipulate 17 year old kids.

On another note, we're still kind of weirded out by that Mario Austin deal.
To recap: he didn't attend his own press conference, which was sponsored by
adidas, and his AAU coach made the actual announcement that Mario would be going
to Bama. Now he has supposedly changed his mind. Very strange.