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Some General Recruiting Poop

If The Phone Rings...Someone, Please...Pick It Up...

It's pretty clear now that Duke's next big target is Jared Jeffries, of
Bloomington Indiana.   Quotin' Bob Gibbons reports that Southern
Cal sources think it's either Duke or USC. 
  The last time Duke and USC were competing for anything was the bitter game of the Foster era, where
the Pac-10 (except then it was probably the Pac-8) officiating crew,
led by Booker Turner, was so bad that the Pac-8 Commissioner apologized. 

If this is true, it kind of leaves IU out, which is hard to believe, but
we'll see.  Nonetheless, he appears to be a priority now.

In other news, ESPN has a bit on Duke in general which touches on Duhon's
recruitment, which is worth reading.
It's in the box on the right.
They are also going on about Horvath. If you
remember, Quotin' Bob was the first one to say he was better than advertised, so
"kudos" to Bob.

And finally, here's Hulan Pickett on who
did what at the Webber Tournament.