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Williams Credibility Under Fire

According to the Baltimore Sun, Gary
Williams wants to back out of his commitment to Tamir Goodman
. This article,
you will note, quotes sources "within the athletic department." What
that is normally called is a planned leak, with the intention of getting a
message to the target, the message in this case being "get out of here and
quit embarrassing us." Needless to say, if Williams yanks his offer
off the table, Maryland's credibility is zilch. And if the basketball
office is trying to plant information, they should be very careful playing that
game, because other people can play that game about them as well.

In other weird recruiting news, Hoopscoop is reporting that Mario Austin has
changed his plans and is now going to Mississippi State rather than Alabama. The
weird thing? When the press conference came up to announce for the Tide, Austin
didn't attend. His AAU coach and Gerald Wallace did. Hmmmmmmmmmm.....anyway,
we'll believe it when Bob Gibbons confirms it. We don't take Hoop Scoop on face
value. Speaking of Gibbons, here's
his latest update.