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Not Crying Wolf For Long

ACC Today has an
article about Sendek's progress
. We've gone on the record as being
impressed with Herb. The transfers don't concern us that much - from all
accounts, Bean didn't exactly overexert himself, and one ACC coach said of
Harrington, "he's a wacko!" The others don't matter too much,

What's changed now is this: State has a team which is capable of running and
pressing - and, Kenny Inge aside, and we hear he has really worked on his head
problems, seems to be a stable, smart, hard-working group. The backcourt is
greatly upgraded, and they have young Wilkins, who was very impressive when we
saw him. We had also heard that State spent a ton of time working on
fundamentals - far more than Duke or UNC. That's what you do when you are
building. This might or might not be a breakout year, but momentum is
unquestionably building.