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Crime & Non-Punishment

There are two interesting articles out about college students and standards.
George F. Will had one the other day which basically focused
on academic standards
. We forgot to mention it, but Duke came in first, for
the 11th time, in the graduation rates for college football teams. That's
a national championship streak all Dukies should be proud of, and it's worth
noting that it has occurred under several coaches, including every year Fred
Goldsmith coached.

A good focus on that would eliminate much, though not all, of the need to focus
on the criminal standard,
which is where Wesley Pruden (who usually spends
most of his time and energy focusing on fellow Arkansan Bill Clinton) has locked

Interestingly, both refer to Joe Paterno with radically different intentions.

We still maintain that college football, and the NCAA, could eliminate a lot
of problems by eliminating liberal substitution and reducing football
scholarships. It would:

  1. Make it easier to balance budgets and satisfy Title IX.
  2. Reduce recruiting pressures by spreading talent more broadly.
  3. Make it easier to raise academic standards.
  4. An ipso facto reduction in crime in places like Lincoln, Clemson, and