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Howell Drops Duke; Quotin' Bob Goes For The Gold

According to Border Wars, Rolando
Howell has dropped Duke from consideration
.  He is down to Kentucky,
South Carolina, and Wake Forest as the outside candidate.

In other recruiting news, Quotin'
Bob has his "Gilded Gossip."
He says sources - oops "sources close to the Trojan Program" predict Jeffries will pick between USC and Duke. Apparently, Henry Bibby, who had earlier raged about West-To-East recruiting, has no such qualms about East-To-West recruiting. Sign that man up for the French Trade Negotiating Team!

Bob also predicts Morrison to Syracuse.

Today is a confusing hodgepodge of quotes, bolds, and italics, in Bob's
relentless quest to highlight cliches and emphasize phrases, nearly every other
word is bolded, so we'll do the best we can:

  • "Shammond Williams-type"
  • the old squeeze play." 
  • two top point guard recruits on campus together for official visits
  • prime recruiting time for top prospects and some major universities. 
  • "sources close to The Trojans basketball progam" 
  • "Gilded Gossip Column." 
  • The nation's tallest prospect
  • One of the nation's premier prep school players
  • "pal" (pal?)
  • Other top prospects making campus visits this weekend include: