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Quotin' Bob Concurs

Well after Mike Sullivan, the Chronicle, and Kurt O' Neill reported the story
of Duhon's commitment, Quotin' Bob got his story too.

In a stylistic shift, Bob overwhlemingly favored italics for this piece over
braces. There were also a number of bolded comments. In fact, there
were only two braces:

  • "recruiting mastery"
  • the ever popular "Midnight Madness"

And now for today's feature, the italicized comments!

  • the nation's premier point guard in the Class of 2000, could be this year's version of Jason Williams, the nation's top rated point guard in
  • best pair of guards in collegiate basketball at the start of the New Millennium.
  • first and only campus visit.

We continue to await Bob's discovery of the "blink" command, or
help us, the "grand slam" - "bolded, braced, italicized and
It can't be long now.