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O' Neill & Vivian Harper

As we told you yesterday, Kurt O' Neill is the guy you'll want to read when
it comes to Chris Duhon. He has a great interview with Vivian Harper,
Chris's mom, and she says, among other things, that she told him this was the
place for him, which he had realized sometime earlier.

Mrs. Harper went on: "When I first got there on Friday afternoon and saw how well Chris fit in with everyone on the team and on campus, he just seemed like he belonged. It was
more of the same on Saturday. I just was struck by the closeness of the players on the team. Chris just belonged there. I never really quite understood until we got there what Coach K and Wojo meant when they would tell us that Chris is a
'Duke' type player. When I saw him there it was very clear.

Anyway, we told you guys Kurt knew the deal. So
check it out.