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The Chron - It's Official

According to the Chronicle, it's official: Duhon is a Devil.

According to the Chronicle, Duhon said “As soon as I walked onto campus, I felt the love. It’s been great [this weekend]. I’ve had fun with the guys. I clicked with the guys as soon as I got here.”

Shane Battier said “Chris fit right in this weekend. You couldn’t tell he was a recruit. As soon as he got here, you could tell he was a Blue Devil.”

To top it off, Duhon was the first major recruit Wojo bagged, so he's off to a great start as a recruiter. Welcome to Duke Chris!

On another note, though Insider Report got the news on line first, and the Chron got the interview, Kurt O' Neill has consistently had this story right and has been the most reliable source on Duhon's recruitment. We want you guys to make sure to hit his story heavily when he publishes, because he has had it right from the beginning. Look back through our links to Kurt and you'll see: even though he didn't get to break the story, he was on the money.