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A Side Note On Recruiting

As you guys know we have talked a lot about recruiting rumors and the
net. Recently we have become aware that several players, feeling they were
burned by websites, will no longer talk freely about their recruitment. We
learned specifically of three players and three separate sites, and the three
players in question all reportedly won't deal with those sites anymore at all.

All three players dealt with neutral, non-school sites, which is to say the
gurus, so-called. Nonetheless, the problem is clear: when you're on line
posting stuff for your school, remember that the kids you are posting
about may well read it, and so might their parents, coaches, or friends.

This follows, of course, Omar Cook's posting on another board about how he
resented some of the rumors about his character. Who needs this? Aside
from being decent to people you don't even know, you are an ambassador for
Duke when you post, and are projecting an image. Recruiting is a funny
business - UVa got Tom Sheehey in spite of running over the family pet on an
in-home visit - but the less negatives there are, the better.