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Duhon Visit Update!

Chris Duhon is on his campus visit as you probably know by now.
Robert Vila sent us some photos
, and Watzone, we think, is going to brave the
critics and write up his impressions. We'll post those here when he does, in
this story.

Also, our pal Kurt O' Neill, with guest write Wayne Gooch,
has written up a story about the visit thus far.
  The guys will be
hooping tomorrow at noon. If we were on campus and got to see this much talent
(Danny Ferry is also there, among others), we'd haul our butts over and watch.

Watzone's Take!

Today's pick up games featured the much anticipated visit of Louisiana high school sensation Chris Duhon. Chris has created quite a stir since he arrived on the Duke campus. If one
were to stroll through campus today, they would have born witness to signs of welcome.
Today's pick ups were not particularly crowded, but there was a definite buzz in the air.
Chris was teamed with Jason Williams, Shane Battier, Michael Dunleavy and Casey Sanders. They took on Chris Carrawell, Nick Horvath, J.D. Simpson, and Andre Buckner.
Buckner was replaced in the second game by former Duke All American Danny Ferry. Danny who now plays for the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers, still holds Dukes single game
scoring record. Folks, Chris Duhon did not disappoint! He looked very much at home with the team and on the famed Cameron floor. Firstly, he is an adept ball handler. He played
good defense, as he seemed to have very fresh legs.

He runs the court well, and he looks for the open man first...but is not afraid to take the shot, never hesitating when presented with an open perimeter look.

During the course of the five games, Chris Duhon's team won four. Chris showed a sweet touch from the outside. He dusted the twine from the three point arch at a 8 of 11 clip! He
showed great quickness and "Duke style" hustle on the defensive end. He twice stripped the ball from the elder Devils, and certainly did not back off when challenged. 

He teamed
well with Jason Williams, who was again sensational in his typical fashion. Jason is the type of player who seems to rise to the occasion, or challenge. Watching these two work
together during the course of the games was a true pleasure. Their chemistry took
no time to take effect, as they made several good passes to one another. Hey, they were four and
one together! These two are interchangeable, and could make one of the best backcourts in Blue Devil history. Both players show shooting guard skills, as well as being capable of
running the team. The bottom line is both will succeed at any level. Together they make a super tandem.

Jason Williams again
showed a good touch from outside. He also led breaks and threaded the needle on several passes to teammates, including an alley oop to Casey for a dunk. For those of you who
haven't figured it out yet...Jason can play! Shane Battier showed his poise and leadership. He was vocal and was seen talking and teaching Casey Sanders between games. Shane was
sporting a headband, ala Slick Watts; it's a cool throw back. Ferry once put an NBA move on Shane by bumping off him and then going up,
[but] Shane [was] not used often though. 

Speaking of Ferry, he evoked memories from the past with his great overall range. 

also played well today, and will certainly be a leader on this year's team. Casey continued to show that
size is one of the only things that may hold him back. He runs the floor in a very smooth manner for a big man. He blocked a few shots and had a couple of dunks, and yes--he hit a
jumper. Michael Dunleavy once again show versatility and smarts. He has improved tremendously since the first pick ups I

Matt Christiansen played fairly well too. He
did however have to ice his knees after three games. Nick Horvath was a little quiet today, but by no means a slacker. J.D. also shot the ball

Buckner? The hustling little guy hit
a tip-in for the shirts game only win...go figure. 

Nate James sat out with a bad back. Ricky Price was again present. 

The play I liked most? Chris Duhon on the break
assisting Michael Dunleavy for an NBA Michael released the ball,
Duhon's arms extended into the air knowing it was nothing but net! 

Chris certainly seemed to enjoy playing
with our guys as Ms. Duhon viewed her son from the student section.
Duke's pickup times are not announced, so a small crowd is no surprise. It is worth noting
though that several coeds were in attendance, sneaking a peek at a hopeful Blue Devil, and team 2000. Chris seemed like a perfect fit...what a dynamic tandem we could have!
IMHO, it is a win-win situation for both Duke University and Chris. I am sure I may speak for all of us in welcoming Chris and wishing his Mom and him a
wonderful visit. We Duke
fans really want you in Durham next year.

And just wait until you actually experience the full effect of playing in a
wonderful championship atmosphere that is Cameron Indoor Stadium.