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Vil Com Sells Out (This Time For Real)


In a surprising move, at least to locals, Vil
Com (or Vil Con as some call it) Sports has been sold to Learfield
. You Carolina guys can relax, Mick and Woody aren't going
anywhere, and they say that nothing will change, but that's what people usually
say after a company is sold. If you've been there, you know you can't drink the
water no matter what they say.

We're not sure why they sold it, but that's what the Poop Sheet is for.
They'll dig into it we're sure.  Having read the Vil Com-UNC contract, it is pretty lucrative.  We can speculate, though, that money was at the bottom of it,
and perhaps Vil Com concluded that ad revenues, which is where there money comes
from, isn't going to be that great in the future.  Maybe the Dean-Heavner
dislike threatened the contracts renewal. Or maybe it was just time to sell, who
knows. Anyway, that's likely the end of fake crowd noise and the like, so it's
going to be harder to poke fun at them. On the other hand, maybe they can give
Mick Mixon a raise.  He's always been a good guy to us and he's certainly
been loyal, so we say pay up!

The other possibility is that they decided to focus on the Internet
properties, which they are keeping. We'll see, but the changes which started a
few years ago in Chapel Hill,clearly continue.