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DeCourcy On Goodman

Mike DeCourcy has written an interesting column on Tamir
Goodman and his Maryland experience
.  He's seen him play and appears to
be a believer. More to the point, he agrees that a) the kid was shafted by
Maryland, and b) there is a curious willingness to ignore his upside. Why? We
hate to attribute it to mere anti-semitism, but maybe it's just that some people
can't imagine a Jewish kid being a great player. We were particularly pleased so
see the word "injustice" used.  DeCourcy is not our favorite
columnist, but we appreciate his take on this. His comments on Tamir's intelligence for the game were right on target and we wish we had phrased ours as well.

A Maryland fan wrote and asked us to link to Michael Wilbon's column. We
forgot the other day but
here it is.