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Boone & Morrison Updates!

Our pal Ben, who runs the hippest UNC site we know of, has an interview with
Adam Boone. Interestingly despite the previous comments about
"loyalty" to Cook, who was their primary target,
Boone says that it's first come first serve now.
  Gee, too bad Andre
Barrett didn't know that. Here's another link on the same thing.

In another UNC (and Wake) note, we were dismayed to find that Bob
Gibbons feels it is ok to discuss a supposed learning disability
he says
Brian Morrison has.  He says he's "hyper."

We make fun of Bob - we were the ones who started calling him Quotin' Bob -
but we've always held him in fairly high regard, and we think he runs a good
shop, basically.  However, an attention deficit disorder is really not
something for public consumption.  Does he have it? We don't know. It
doesn't matter now; it's out there either way.  He'll be asked about it,
his coaches will be asked about it. We hope that in the future Mr. Gibbons will
be more discreet with such knowledge. It serves no purpose to post that on a
bulletin board whatsoever.  It should be Morrison's choice as to whether he
discusses this or not. Unfortunately, that layer of privacy has been removed.