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The Cameron Model Adopted By Cal

everyone is jealous of what happens here

has opened their new barn
, called the The Haas Pavilion, and guess what? The
students have the best seats. And the upper deck is high enough so that the
students can stand and not block anyone's view. "This is not a pro arena with
skyboxes,"Cal AD John Kasser told the San Francisco Gate. "We want the students to be an important part of this."

This follows Michigan's adoption of the Cameron model, and from all accounts
it's been a hit there.  Clearly schools
are realizing the benefits of doing things this way, though now we hear Cal has
done it that way for awhile. Maybe someday the Dean Dome
will return students to their rightful place of prominence. It never ceases to
amaze us that UNC students aren't more upset about how they are seated. Almost
an entire generation has grown up and never knew the terror of Carmichael. 
From a basketball fan's point of view it's a pity, but from an opponent's point
of view a blessing. 5,000 or so UNC students sitting courtside would have a huge
impact on the game. Certainly there'd never be another controversy about
piped-in noise.