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Omar "Simpson" Cook & Jeffries Updates

Gibbons is out with an Omar update,
taking issue, apparently, with fellow
Rivalnet site Insiders Report, which quoted Omar on playing With Darius Miles
(look down to Omar In Charge just below if you are using frames). Omar
says they want to but it's not written in stone. Quotin' Bob also says UNC
is in an "enviable position." Those are our braces! Bob didn't use
them for that. The only quoted item today was "front-runner," in
reference to Da Heels.

Fortunately Bob didn't let us down -
he has a Jared Jeffries update
chock full o' quotes. We don't know for sure,
but the major surprise he mentioned? Could be Notre Dame.

  • "unofficial visit"
  • scratched"
  • "favorites"
  • "cats person."
  • "unofficial visit"
  • "go down to the wire"
  • "hometown"
  • "major surprise."
  • "step up"
  • "loaded"