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Omar Posts? Maybe So...

Most interesting. We got e-mail from someone alerting us to some posts on
a guy who claims to be
Omar Cook is posting on there.
Is it Omar? Who knows? But it could be,
and we have reason to think it might be.
And what's really
interesting is he's upset about how he's been portrayed online
. In recent
days there have been a number of posts slamming him in various places.
also linked to an Insider Report article which he says misquoted him.

Anyway, this is important because? Well, after Roy Williams first raised
concerns about the internet rumors affecting recruiting, and after Andrew
Gooden's mom saw negative stuff posted about her son, this is the third
time someone has felt obliged to answer internet-raised questions.

Again, to Duke fans - be careful of what you post. Someday, and soon, someone
will lose a recruit over this kind of nonsense. Don't let it happen to Duke, and
don't have that on your conscience. This isn't typical of all UNC fans, but
obviously the poster is reacting to it and thus his opinion is colored.

Given this, and recent
anti-semitic posts on Tar Heel Talk,
which ended up
booting the site off the previous address, and some vile comments about Mrs. K made on
Wildcatchat recently, we're really grateful that the DBR posters are usually
pretty even-tempered. Thanks again for being such good guys and for
building a great board.