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DeShawn 101

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Here are two really interesting bits on DeShawn Stevenson, one saying don't
believe the rumors about his being in a hurry to get to the NBA, and
other false tidbits,
(including a Duke mention) and featuring the now-standard Roy Williams contempt
for the internet, and the other making reference to DeShawn
& his mom's visit with Tark.
(scroll down).

Tark, the article says, is promising 35 minutes a game and the fast track to
the lottery. The writer suggests checking out Dontonio Wingfield
first. That's a sad but instructive tale.

Wingfield of course left Cincinnati after his freshman year with no education
and is now likely the tallest prisoner in his jail (he assaulted a couple of
cops). He has nothing to fall back on when he gets out, and will have to
hope he can recover sufficiently from his injuries (he had a really serious auto
accident) and perhaps play in Europe.

It's nice to see a writer call Tark on this type of exploitation (he's
certainly done his share of it) and to warn against it in general.