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Arty's Further Show Biz Adventures

We missed this one - Art Chansky has a column about
Pro Wrestling in the Dean Dome
, saying that many UNC people think it's not

Au contraire, Arty baby!. Not too long ago, during the dust-up over the fake
crowd noise at The Dean Dome (Vilcom admitted to using fake crowd noise during
pre-game shows; we know a radio person who claimed that the previous season he
heard "bring up the crowd noise" in the ol' earphones at a Dean Dome
snoozer), Arty made the argument that it was "Show biz," and the
tingle business, or something like that. Sure enough, though some of the stuffy
UNC types weren't impressed, Arty found it entertaining. He needs to win over
the squares.

Arty, baby, tell them, this is the pinnacle of showbiz! Tingle City, baby! We thought that was why they were there - fellow showbiz types stick together and all that.

Hey, maybe you and Nature Boy can do lunch sometime. We're betting he has
groupies. Have your people call his!