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The Mummy On Odom

Thad "The Mummy" Mumau has an interesting article on Dave
Odom's approach to recruiting.

Interestingly, one of the high school coaches said that, though Odom
currently has only one scholarship, he is planning on giving two, meaning that
in September, he is expecting someone to leave by the end of the year. We took a bit of heat the other
day for saying that Wake has a high transfer rate. Does anyone have a complete
list of transfers under Odom?  We respect Odom more than a lot of coaches,
but it does seem to us that he gets a lot of transfers.

Still, he has done a better job with Wake's bottom line than just about
anyone. Maybe Rick Majerus could have done a better job, but it's hard to
imagine a lot of coaches who could do more with less - and that's not a knock on
Wake, but it is a small school, by far the smallest in the ACC. That said, the
transfer rate is a legitimate concern.