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Duhon, Boone, & Morrison Updates!

Adam Boone
has his list pared to five
- Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Miami, and Minnesota.

Brian Morrison, called a shorter Rex Chapman,
has his list down, too
- Utah, Syracuse, Wake, and UNC.

And in Duhon
news, his life is getting crazy.
Best of luck to Chris as he makes a truly
significant decision. We have said all along we'll find it easy to pull for
Chris wherever he goes. That doesn't mean we'll pull for his team should he not
go to Duke. But Duhon represents a lot of good things in college hoops and we'll
pull for him the same way we pulled for Duncan, Stith, and Hubert Davis.
Great kids all, solid character, and guys who really made the most out of what
they have.