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Omar In Charge?

"We made that happen. We were away most of the summer. We bonded..and if we go to
school (together) it would be the best combination...
He was interested in North Carolina and I was too. They were scared to
recruit him. I made the effort by (telling them) they have to start recruiting
Darius. So now they want me so much they are starting to recruit him."

These comments were made by Omar Cook, as
relayed by Insider's Report.
He's talking about his
pal Darius Miles, who, he says, UNC was "scared to
recruit." Which begs the question - if they were
scared to recruit him before, what has changed? Is it that
they're scared of losing Cook? It doesn't seem very
UNC-ish, frankly.

But still, perceptions sometimes matter, and some people
will perceive this as the dog wagging the tail. Omar
said he told UNC "they have to start recruiting
Darius." Not that they should, or that they might get
him, but they have to - or what? Well, the following sentence
answers the question with an implied or-else.

It's very strange. A lot of UNC people were thrilled to pop
into the Darius Miles race, but at this cost? We have
stoutly supported Guthridge, believing that his biggest fault
is that he's simply not Dean Smith, and is therefore terribly
underrated. We haven't been terribly concerned about
UNC's supposed recruiting woes - UNC is still UNC, like the
UCLA is UCLA and Indiana is Indiana. This is the first
time we've wondered. There's almost no way to interpret this
as a confident move on UNC's part. Frankly, if Omar is to be
believed, it's bizarre.